Meet the judges *cue dramatic music*


Heading the panel of judges, we have Ms Karen Ho, Managing Director of XPR – a tech-focused communication agency in Singapore. Having undertaken many successful and high profile events and multi-faceted campaigns in her public relations career, Karen has a discerning eye for what makes a communication plan ticks. While the strategy and feasibility of your communication plan matters, she will also be looking out for professionalism and exemplary presentation skills.

Next up, we have Ms Christina Tan, unit coordinator for Campaign Management who will be flying in from Perth for the conference. Meeting this cohort of MCC307 students for the first time, she is now directly involved in the students’ learning experience and more than just a name on the unit guide. Having sat through countless number of presentations, campaigners will have to up the game to impress her.

Last but not least, we have Mr Louis Ng, supervising lecturer for Campaign Management as the third judge. Under his patient tutelage, countless hours had been spent guiding students along to ace this presentation. Now, his role as a lecturer shall take a back-seat as he assumes his place as a judge. Having sung his praises and critiques during the rehearsal, there will be expectations to be met at this conference.


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Project Reach: Strategic Engagement

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Conference Team: Blitz Communications


About Blitz Communications:

Meet Blitz Communication, a team comprising of six budding public relations practitioners who are ready to leave an imprint in this field.

Coming from diverse background, each member boastsof unique dynamism with rich experiences to offer to the team. Well-versed in area such as events planning, creative design and public relations communications, the team presents a prolific repertoire of expertise to our clients.

We pride ourselves in understanding the ever-changing public relations landscape and ensuring that every project exceeds client’s expectation. The team takes a firm belief in having a strategy for every project and that stakeholders are engaged through sustainable communication at every stage.

Whatever your communication needs desire; you can be well assured that they are thoroughly understood and delivered with Blitz Communication.


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Project Reach Team: Echo Communications


Team: Echo Communications

Client: Singapore Compact for CSR

About Echo Communications:


To become a recognised and awarded public relations (PR) agency in Singapore.


To provide ethical strategic communication that will significantly and positively impact on our clients’ businesses and organisations.

About Echo Commz

Based in Singapore, Echo Commz is led by a team of aspiring individuals who constantly aim to strategise breakthrough communications. We aim to drive Echo Commz to be the leading agency by communicating the right message, at the right place and time, using the right tools.

Echo Commz has experiences working with diverse industries, and understands that each industry has its own unique difficulties and problems to overcome. In Echo Commz, we do not believe in “one size fits all” solution and will customise our plans to deliver the best results.

Echo Commz works towards living up its name as a consultancy that adds resonance to the messages it communicates, in an effective yet ethical way.


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Project Reach Panel Discussion

Dear Campaigners,

The Project Reach Panel Discussion held on the 16th of November saw representatives from the various sectors coming together to discuss the use of New Media in this age of information complexity. Panellists included Minister Teo Ser Luck, Ms Katrina Dick from UN Women, Miss Sharon Chong from Wilmar International as well as Mr Keith Lin from MSN Southeast Asia.

Here are some photos from the Panel Discussion!



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Project Reach Team: Deux Communications

Team: Deux Communications

Client: Lien Aid

About Deux Communications:

Deux Communications is an independent PR consultancy made up of a team of dynamic individuals with a myriad of colourful personalities and a diverse range of skillsets coming together like a wonderful recipe to create the most creative and innovative ideas and solutions for our clients.

“Deux”, meaning 2-way in french, is the core of our beliefs. Hearing out and understanding your needs are of utmost importance to us to craft out the most effective and sustainable communication plan suitable for your organization.

We strive to take on each project with a spirit of excellence, and with great joy and passion, even to the extent of going beyond our call to provide professional PR support. We are committed to providing only high standards of PR counsel, and nothing short. Looking not only to achieve the goals set by our client, we look to go further by also taking the journey with you, value adding and making positive contributions to your success.

“Public Relations is a journey, not a destination.” Team, Deux Communications.

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Project Reach Team: Zenith Communications

Team: Zenith Communications

Client: CSR Singapore Compact

About Zenith Communications:

At Zenith Communications, we are a team of six dynamic individuals who are dedicated in meeting our clients’ needs and expectations. Each individual firmly believes in achieving the best outcomes for our clients whilst maintaining high standards of professionalism.

As a young and vibrant team, we continually strive to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table. We recognize that good public relations is not merely limited to saying the right thing at the right time, but rather one which facilitates transparent communication between an organization and its stakeholders.

As our name suggests, Zenith Communications positions itself as a team of professionals who seek to take every challenge in our stride and never losing sight of our goals. It is only through commitment and determination that we confront new challenges with boldness. This will allow our team to benchmark itself against the best, while ensuring we remain efficient and effective.

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Project Reach: Strategic Engagement Details

Date: 30 November 2011
Time: 9.00am to 7.00pm
Venue: National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC),
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-88, The Central
Singapore 059817

Panel Discussion
Date: 16 November 2011
Time: 1.00pm to 3.00pm
Venue: National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC),
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-88, The Central
Singapore 059817

The Panel Discussion is a by invite only event.

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